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    Maintaining your vehicle's appearance is as important as maintaining its mechanical condition. That is why auto dealers detail every new and used car they sell. With today’s special velour upholsteries, off-the-shelf and do-it-yourself products are not enough. Daily use and other elements can stain and discolor the upholstery. Dirt and stains in carpet and upholstery can cause permanent damage if not removed. In short, your car must be regularly detailed to maintain it's original appearance.


    If you’re looking to get back that “new car smell” in your vehicle, perhaps an interior carpet and upholstery steam cleaning is just what you need. It may not restore the new car smell entirely, but it’ll get the inside of your vehicle looking good and get rid of any bad odors as well. Over the course of daily commutes and road trips in your vehicle, it’s hard to avoid spilling food or beverages, or letting dirt and grime accumulate. When it’s time for a real cleaning, sometimes the basics don’t cut it. That’s when you need to turn to steam cleaning to get your car, truck or sports utility vehicle’s interior carpet and upholstery looking as good as new.


    We’ve been providing steam cleaning services for years, and know how to get your interior as clean as possible. Whether you drive a small car or a huge SUV, we will make sure to get into all of the tight spaces and really freshen up the appearance of your interior. If you want to remove the stains and odors that can build up over time inside your vehicle, there’s no better way than an interior steam cleaning.



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